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Houshmand Moarefi

Upgrade: 750W Bafang with 7 Speed Upgrade

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On ‎5‎/‎12‎/‎2017 at 6:49 AM, Dickie1 said:


I have just replaced my tyres with Maxxis Hookworms, what size tyre do you think i should set the LCD display?


There's not a perfect size for Hook Worms. The closest is 700c

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I recently purchased a Sondors Original single-speed, with the original 36v battery/controller and 350w motor.  I'd like to upgrade to a 48v 750w system (Which is why I'm on this thread) and I was wondering where you all get your batteries.  I've seen other triangle batteries but I wasn't sure if they fit or have the right connectors.  I see a lot of you are not using the Sondors battery so I know it isn't proprietary.  Thanks.

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The Sondors 48V battery is the best deal for the money but the frame it’s meant to to fit has a bigger battery triangle box, than the Sondors Original.
 But with careful placement of the new controller it can be done. 
If you’re considering an aftermarket battery  I wouldn’t waste your money on a 48V when a 52V triangle battery has 10% more power. First person I’d contact would be @Lindsey Nguyen at Electro Bike World and discuss your plans with her. She was one of the first Sondors Suppliers to upgrade to what you suggest. You can even private message her from here. 
Never considering buying anything from a supplier before you’ve discussed the purchase with them. 

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