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Upgrade: 750W Bafang with 7 Speed Upgrade

Houshmand Moarefi

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Upgrade: 750W Bafang with 7 Speed Upgrade

Bafang 750W, 7 Speed upgrade part list and install information.

This guide is from ‎Houshmand Moarefi.

Below is the recap of the parts and what to watch for. An important note to point out, I did not have a kit so this is not the most cost effective way to upgrade your bike. I think Kyle Chittock from velomobileshop.com is working on a kit upgrade which I am certain it will be a better price option. Also, if you have never laced a wheel, installed, adjusted a derailleur or don't have the tools required, I highly encourage you to work with your local bike shop to install these components.

There are also a few other things to be aware of. The motor listed below comes with a different connector than the stock motor. I ended up purchasing a 25a controller from Kyle Chittock, spliced and soldered the wires to connect the motor and controller. Also, the 7 speed gears fits well with this set up except when trying to shift down from 7th to 6th gear, the chain touched the frame. 

If I was going to do this again, i would go with a 6 speed or plan on not using the 7th gears often. One more thing, I purchased 100mm rims. while they lower the bike height nearly an inch, they make our tires even wider. Please keep that in mind if the width is an issue.

Please see the part list along with details and pictures in the comments below. The prices are for reference only. You may be able to find the better prices by searching on various sites.

This upgrade would make a great compliment to Lindsey Nguyen L3 or L48 battery. Looking forward to see what others can do with this information.


By searching on Bafang’s website I was able to find a 750 watt fat bike motor that was designed for a 175mm dropout. My IGG fat steel bike has a 170mm drop out so I knew this motor would fit our frame. Also, this particular motor is designed for 6-7 speed freewheel so that was a bonus as well. Please make sure you are searching for model
Bafang 750W rear hub RM G060.750.DC. | http://www.szbaf.com/en/components/component/motor/rm-g060750dc.html

Specs: chrome_2016-10-08_17-45-30.png (click to enlarge)

I was able to find this motor on eBay for $205 including free shipping. You may find this for less on AliExpress.

motor.png Buy on ebay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/182119804261

CHEAPER on ALIEXPRESS: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Free-shipping-bafang-48V750W-rear-hub-motor-with-disc-brake-for-fat-bike/32703966572.html?spm=2114.13010608.0.0.MO5X8p


Since I wanted to keep my original wheel and motor intact, I decided to look for rims. For the motor above you will need a 36 hole rim. Many of the rims available are 32 hole. This is what I found. Love to see if someone can find other rims for less. I bought the 100mm rims, I think 80mm or 57mm rims would work better if you have the stock 4.0 tires. Cost $50-75 per rim

http://www.ebay.com/itm/191699964911 || Stock Rims are 36 holes.
Cheaper Links (thx to @Tabletteer):





My bike shop used DT Swiss 2.0 Champion Spokes/ wheel cut to length at a cost of $40.00/wheel. Since the motor is heavier than the stock bike, I encourage you to spend the money on the upgraded spokes to handle the extra weight and torque.


I used a Velomobile 25a controller and splice and solder the wires to replace the stock connector with the one that came with the motor. (Lunas 25a should work also)


Shimano Tourney A070 7-Speed Rear Derailleur with Frame Hanger. Unfortunately this is the only hanger type derailleur I have found. I have had chain slip twice since this upgrade. I would love to upgrade this part to a Deore or XT for better performance and reliability.


Freewheel (Gears)

Shimano HG37 7-Speed 13-28t Freewheel
freewheel.jpg Buy on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Shimano-7-Speed-Tourney-Bicycle-Freewheel/dp/B00OJZPRVO


Shimano Altus SL-M310 Right Shifter 

shifter.jpg Buy on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Shimano-Acera-SL-M310-Shifter-7-Speed/dp/B003ZM9RX6/


You will need to upgrade your chain to accomodate the longer length required by the derailleur and bigger cogs.

KMC Z51 Chain: 6,7,8 speed 7.1mm 116 Links Brown
chain.jpg Buy on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/KMC-Bicycle-Chain-Speed-32-Inch/dp/B000AOA3PS/

(click to enlarge)

1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg 6.jpg 7.jpg 9.jpg

8.jpg 10.jpg12.jpg


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7 hours ago, Hosermage said:

Hi, saw your post on the motor upgrade, but I'm actually intrigued by your dual front bottle cages.  Can you make a post on that setup?  I'm sure many others will like that, too.



Hi David, and welcome to the Sondors Swarm (that's cowboy for Hive), the owner of this bike did not start or post to this topic. He got a heads up so .....See Below


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In order to get the eBay links to work, copy and paste them without the http:// convention. 

Actually that takes you to 26 x 80mm 36 hole polished rims.

This here one be Root'n Toot'n.  www.ebay.com/itm/Black-26-x100mm-Fat-Bike-Chopper-Rat-Rod-Beach-Cruiser-Rim-36-hole-bike-bicycle-/201436043324?hash=item2ee686183c:g:o1UAAOSwHjNWA4el


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Testing the 750W motor and 7speed gears, on Labor Day weekend, I put the new set up to test in Vail, Colorado. I had a fully charged L3 52V 20 ah battery along with a 25a controller for this test. The day started with a ride up Vail pass (2000' climb, 17 miles) followed by a 2 hour lunch break in the village and then a ride to Avon and back. As you can imagine, in Vail valley pretty much everything is either uphill or downhill, some steep and some not so steep. The torque on this set up is amazing. To the point that I turned the controller's C5 setting to 4 so I can actually feel the pedals. Climbing in PAS 2 is easy specially thanks to the gears. You can't imagine what's like to go from a 16T freewheel to something that has a 28T cog. That alone is worth the upgrade. On the downhill portions the 13T tall cog comes in handy. One observation, with this set up you will lose range. I was able to cover 43 miles by using 9 Volts out of 14 (L3 reflects 59V when fully charged and 45 when fully depleted). I think there is a 10% decrease in battery range based on my ride. I also noticed the controller is getting warmer than usual. I need to figure out why. With the reduce C5 setting, I wasn't expecting that.

As you can see in the pictures, I moved the Throttle to the left side. With the gear shifter added the right side was getting too crowded. It will take a few days to get used to this arrangement.

For those of you that would like to have more help while climbing, this is the way to go.  


On flat roads, Throttle only top speed 30mph 


On PAS 5, 32 mph










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On November 5, 2016 at 6:34 PM, Andi said:

Updated Motor Section with cheaper AliExpress Link!


Been There, Done That!  Thanks Andi for the new link. 

Yesterday the Aliexpress 11/11 Sale .....$169.15

And laced into new Double Wall 100mm Rear Rim with 12 gauge Sapim spokes.



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  • 4 months later...

Hello, Someone tested this controller for motor 750W 48V ?


It has the right connector for the motor 750W.
Maybe it is not compatible with the condors’s lcd but with the motor 750W maybe ?

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It is completely compatible with a Sondors if you have a 750 motor  :-).  that is Wendy Xie's store and she is a longtime Sondors community member.  If you are in the States you can buy the same controller from velomobileshop.com for much faster shipping.  They are the U.S. supplier for many of Pasion Ebike's products.

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  • 5 weeks later...

I have fitted the 750 motor with the seven speed cassette. I have the 35amp controller and an L3 battery. I had the motor laced into the original rim with stronger spokes. I am running it in single speed mode at the moment which works fine. I fabricated an aluminium bracket which holds the battery and controller in place.

Top speed is about 42mph and the range is minimum 30 miles going up to nearly 70 if I feel.like using the PAS.

The best thing was a new set of Surly tyres.

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42mph with a 35 amp controller, an L3 and a 750w motor?  Thats 10+ mph faster than anyone else with similar equipment.  An incredible relative difference.  Are you sure your speedo is calibrated properly?  

That kind of speed is about right with one of the new 60V systems from Lindsey.  The L60 battery, 35a 60v controller and 60v capable LCD.

I have dual 750w motors and dual 35a controllers and the most I can hit is about 34mph, although with two 100% charges I bet I could do 35-36.  I only charge to 100% at the beginning of each month so maybe I'll treat myself to a max speed test run after work today.

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I went for a ride this afternoon and I achieved 35mph on the flat. I have checked the Speedo reading and it is correct. The 42 mph was achieved yesterday with a fully charged L3 battery and I had my Surly black Floyd tyres pumped up to the maximum. I was wearing my cycling kit and was lying flat out on the bike, not safe or a good look.

Today's speed took a bit of a runup but I wouldn't think that this could be maintained safely. 

If I hold the back wheel off the ground the Speedo shows 42.9mph.

It could be that I was lucky or the battery is a good one or the controller is producing slightly more ah than advertised.


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Well if its possible to line up all the stars to get a number like that, you did whats needed to get it.  I have done the same hold-up-the-wheel thing and get 42.3 IIRC.  I had forgotten about the 3.8 Black Floyd tire.  I am high mileage so I need to go cheap.  For speed/durability i have a pair of Chaoyang Sandstorm clones (Origin8 Supercell) in wire bead 30tpi - yes thats right 30 whole tpi - sitting in the garage waiting for my Eclypse Edge-Fats to show cords and need a change.  I should pick up a mph or two with those.

The default 29-inch that I am using with 4.0 tires is off by about 1/2 mph.  I figure if I go any shorter I will need to go to the 700C setting which is the next step down on mine.

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I was lucky in buying the tyres second hand. I will check the settings and the speed. I am lucky to have a good GPS system at the University I  work at   so I will conduct a proper test later this week. All I need to do now is get the brakes to work better and stop upgrading. It is a bit of a drug this upgrading lark. 

What I could do with is slightly more power for the hills, a more comfortable seat and maybe a better throttle..

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I did my 100% charge test the evening of my last post.  With a slight headwind I couldn't do anything about, I reached 34 mph crouching over the bars some.

Without that headwind, no question with a fresh 90-100% charge I can get to 35 and maybe 36.

Worth noting the most important performance-affecting factor:  I weigh 237 and I have 18 lbs of gear on the bike including a nearly full 3L water bladder.

@Dickie1 if you want hill climbing ability on these bikes the solution is a front 750w motor laced into the wheel.  Luna Cycle is doing them right now so you don't have to do what Houshmand Moarefi and I did which is get a local bike shop to do it.  Luna uses DT spokes and Weinmann double-wall rims and the cost is only $100 parts+labor.  Well worth it.  And AWD on a bicycle is a game changer in many ways with performance being effortless over the entire range of possible uses.  Spreading the load to two motors results in increased efficiency and you will actually put noticeably less power to the two motors to get the same result.

Of course, if modding is an addiction, doing this is like upping from crank to cocaine.

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Your top speed looks good but you must get more drag from your tyres than me.

I have looked into putting an extra motor in the front but I might try adding a middrive later this year but I will have a look at Luna Cycles hub motors.

I have the 7 speed cassette but haven't yet added the Derailleur, would it be worth just leaving this off?

I did look at getting a new cargo frame from Luna Cycles but I think I have spent enough. Well the wife thinks I have..

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When I retire the Eclypses in a month - two tops - I will put on the Sandstorms and since those are effectively slicks I expect to gain a bit on that score.  the Eclypses are actually not so bad now that I have worn them both down quite a bit.  But for sure they are not helping me go fast.  

Yeah your weight and no rack/gear/lard helps I am sure :D

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I bet you are going to be at the 700c size at this point.  Put a gps speedometer app on your phone and see where you are at.  Make a change and see what happens to your accuracy.  Thats how I determined a) mine is about 1/2 mph slow and b) the next size down is an even bigger error in the other direction so I left it.  My tires are 26x4.0's.

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  • 11 months later...

Did you use the same settings as recommended for the 350w on the display or did you change some? 

I have a Sonders but, I am building a Sondors clone with a 750w. Here is a pic of the build so far. I borrowed the battery from my Sondors for testing. The controller is a 35a and the battery is the 36v. I plan on using a 48v or 52v battery and will probably use a triangular bag or build a box.


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