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Bike stand for indoor riding

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I have the Sonders Fold XS with really fat tires. I'm wondering if anyone has tried out any bike stands on this bike to ride indoors during the cold months? I'm looking at a lot of videos and it looks like the rear tire would fit in most of the designs I watched but the front tire holder doesn't look like it would work:


Do you think this is possible?


Pgh, PA

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I'm sure it's possible and even likely to make something like that work. I assume you're wanting it for exercise? If it  is an exercise option you're considering, I personally think bike trainers are more ideally suited to competitors who can train better by being on the same bike they'll be racing. In my own case, we have a dedicated stationary bike for indoor riding, and in my opinion only, it's a far more convenient and stable indoor solution than a trainer. On the other hand, if you're already parking your e-bike indoors, then maybe it's a viable alternative -- and could possibly double as a repair/maintenance stand -- ???       

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Hey, Mary.
The rear triangle on Fat Tire Bikes are too wide to fit into most Indoor Trainers, besides trainers use the rear axel nuts for capture and your FoldXS has the motor cable exiting the right side nut.
Bike Trainers and Rollers are predominantly purchased by recreational and fitness riders. I’ve owned one thinking I could entertain myself by watching TV while getting exercise, NOT! 
Like Jack, I learned & preferred to use the very sturdy stationary bikes w/monitors at the gym while watching cycling videos from the library on my laptop, ported to the bike’s screen, during inclement weather. I could also use the other gym equipment machines.
Now, I use my own multi station home gym in my studio, where I keep my bikes.
I’ve got great cold weather riding gear and if it’s wet, I just don’t ride. It take 2 hours to clean the road scum off my bikes after a ride in the rain or wet. 
Never the less, if you just have to ride indoors, buy yourself a cheap beater bike for your trainer. I never considered using any of my regular expensive analog mounts in my trainer 
E41E7DAD-4552-4846-B814-05C76713EA0E.thumb.jpeg.9811edca1614e9ae87ffcbd707447b27.jpegDuring my trainer ownership (I gave mine to a neighbor) I found the Fluid Trainer was the best option for setting resistance. That said, technology pedals onward and so I suspect, so have trainers in the 20 yrs since mine.
Mary, don’t forget to add pictures of your FoldXS and riding adventures to our picture gallery.


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