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How do I adjust a step through Folding Bike to accomodate a 5ft 2inch female. It seems just an inch or so too high.

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Common practice for cyclists on any bike is to dismount and straddle the centerline. On the Smart Step that’s easy because it has no top tube. Before you’re ready to continue, rotate your dominant foots’ pedal to the 3 o’clock position and place that foot on it while standing and keeping your balance on your other foot and leg. To restart peddling, shift your weight to the dominate leg/foot/pedal, while using a little throttle to gain momentum & gyroscopic stability and you’re gone. 

This next strategy is not for a novice but you can learn to keep your balance, at a stop, by doing what’s known as a track stand, takes a lot of practice. (Look on youtube).

Lastly you can install smaller tires to minimally lower the overall height of your Smart Step, but probably only by 3/4 of an inch, max.  This will lessen pedal ground clearance when rounding corners and lower the speed of your bike slightly in all settings. 

In an after thought, I have to add my own experience in this edit. There are places along my regular routes where I use the Paved Curb as a right foot rest on streets. An occasional light-pole-base, adjacent to the route I ride that has the button to activate the crosswalk symbol on the opposite side of the street I’m crossing makes a handy (or should I say footy) rest without dismounting.
@ 6’ I can’t reach the ground either, on any of my fat tire bikes so your demure height is not unique to eBiking.

It’s been quite a while since I ventured to Clearwater but my cousin and I would venture there to visit our parents, that had a winter trailer retreat in one of those classic retro retirement parks. We had a favorite beachside haunt, a biker bar actually, that we’d visit for evening entertainment. Can’t remember the name but it was pretty popular. Hope it’s still there. 


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Clearwater Betty here, just a different email.  

Thank you for your excellent input.  I had thought of switching out the tires but currently the ride is so superior I am resistant.  After watching a YouTube or two per your suggestion, I’m going to get back out there and try a few things before I start altering. Thank you.

More importantly, if you’re talking about Mahuffer’s on Madeira Beach, or Shadrack’s on St. Pete Beach, they’re both still there.  You didn’t mention good food so I’m thinking you’re not talking about Dead Bob’s…but but they are all landmarks and have survived the pandemic!

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