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Repair Stand/Lift/Jack for Sondors MADMODS or other heavier bikes


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Hi there, I'm not sure if I have searched enough through the internet, local shops or in this forum about REPAIR STANDS, LIFT OR JACK to use if you have a heavy bike or Sondors Madmods. It's 114lbs though it feels heavier than that. I thought its just a staple to have especially when you need to repair something. My normal repair stand I use for my lighter bikes obviously ain't gonna cut it.

Does anyone have any recommendations what to use to lift it up? Thank you in advance. 

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Harbor Freight has motorcycle lifts but that doesn't help to get the wheels off the ground. If your handy, a simple platform and ramp can accomplish the same result.
Although I have a couple of conventional analog bike repair stands, they don’t work on my Sondors Original, Custom Narrow or X, because they need to attach to the top tube.  I use a cheap Harbor Freight Game Processing Block & Tackle Hoist to lift my bikes, wheels free to rotate. (Walmart has it cheaper. https://tinyurl.com/3yu7mszj) and although it does weigh-in @ 100#.

I use 2” wide Velcro Straps to attach the stem and seatstay brace to the hoist bracket. If I’ve had Wheaties for Breakfast, I just grab my bikes by the Stem and Seatpost and lift it to rest on the Brooks England Custom Copper’s Seat Rails, on the rack beam I have bolted to this mighty Oak.
IT helps to live in a Oak forest with an Oak just outside your Studio. 
There is no Parks Work Stand that will lift your bike.

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      we just made this step-by-step tutorial on how to repair a flat tire on a 20 x 4 inch flat tire with a BAFANG G06 engine. 
      The tutorial will also work an all SONDORS models, although done on a UNIMOKE utility bike. Rim, procedure and tools are 100 % identical...
      Hope it helps!
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      A few months ago I moved across the country to New York. One thing I had to bring was my Sondors. It was tricky, but it arrived in fine condition. I charged the battery that first day and took the bike out for a ride around the new neighborhood. Afterwards, I put the bike in the garage and the battery on a shelf in the house. That's where they both sat for about a month. After that time I charged the battery again, put it into the bike, and nothing happened. No lights coming on (Besides those on the battery itself) and there's no power when I use the throttle or peddle the bike. If anyone has any idea what could have gone wrong here I would really appreciate it.
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      Need Bike Repair Stand for Sondor's Fat & Thin Looking to buy a Bike Work Stand For both a Fat & Thin. Our bikes seem to not fit "regular bike work stands".
    • By MisterFixIt1952
      Here is the bike stand I bought on Amazon. This stand is really versatile, costs half of what the big brands cost and is well made. You can bolt it to a wall or stud in your garage or, as in my case, mount it on a piece of pipe on a stand. The great thing about this stand is that it holds the bike securely by the seat column. Due to the fact that the Sondors bike has the battery box, you can't grab the frame in many of the traditional places that many bike stands require.
      Something that makes a great stand is a pipe welded to a tire rim. I use several of that type of stand in my shop for grinders and such. If you need more weight to keep it from tipping, you can pour concrete into the rim after lining it with a plastic bag. If you weld a round threaded 2" pipe base, like the kind used for handrail bases or electric panel weatherheads, you can attach any length of pipe to the rim. If you don't weld or have a welder, you can attach the pipe base to the rim using a piece of steel plate, bolted to the tire rim through the wheel stud holes. Although welding is much faster, both methods are sturdy enough for any application.
      You can often find pipe and electric panels cheap at one of the several Rebuilding centers around town. I really love the Rebuilding Center on Fremont & Mississippi Ave in NE Portland. I can't tell you how many kool hardware items I have picked up, cheap. One of my favorite resources for inexpensive inventor materials since Wacky Willie's closed. An inventor is only as good as his pile of junk.

      This stand comes in two models. One horizontal and a vertical version Both are under $50. This one is horizontal but can be configured for vertical and is, in my opinion, the best of the two. I am going to attach mine to a heavy duty rollaround laptop stand that I acquired in my travels, The stand is really heavy with 5 caster mounted to 3/8 x 2" steel legs. Pretty much untippable and easy to roll around my shop. I'll post pictures when I get it finished.
      Here's the link for the stand
      Edited just now by MisterFixIt1952
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