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Sondors Original Battery is bad I believe. Was one of the first production bikes got it in 2015

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I need to find a replacement battery for my SONDORS ORIGINAL. Bought the bike in 2015, battery lasted about 4 years. 

Really like the bike so don't want to get rid of it. 

Any shops service these bikes close to Redondo Beach? 

Please Advise! 

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Yippy, KI, Yay!

If you haven’t forgot the correct charging procedure, plug charger into battery before wall outlet, and the battery level indicator on the top of the battery shows no LEDs, (full should show 3 green and one red) and you’ve measured voltage coming out of your charger (should be 42V) with your multimeter and after turning on the battery switch and measuring no or very low voltage from the battery base, and making sure that the battery is fully engaged in the battery holder…

Shop Electrobikeworld & Boltonebikes 



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