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Rockstar Controller Settings


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Anyone documented the Rockstar controller functions and settings?  Mine recently shipped (finally) and although the display/controller functions similar to other Sondors controllers, I can't seem to find instructions for changing the PAS % on the 3, 5, or 9 position options.  I toggled mine to nine PAS settings but haven't figured out how to control each of the nine positions from 1% to 99%.

Also, I don't recall seeing the AI Sensitivity setting on my X or XS bikes.  I think it's for changing the Ambient Light for improving the visibility in sunlight.

The Rockstar settings are as follows:

Speed Limit 

Unit (Imperial or Metric)

Auto Off (1-9) Not sure but maybe the amt. of idle time before auto shutdown

Brightness (100, 75, 50, 30, 10)

Power View (Power or Current)

AL Sensitivity (0-5)

Trip Reset (Y/N)

Vibration (Y/N) Feedback from controller buttons

Service (Y/N) Info for servicing or troubleshooting

Assist Mode (3, 5, 9) Number of PAS options

BACK (to top of list)

From Sondors Tech Support:

As for your PAS level percentages, they are as follow: 

1: 07%
2: 14%
3: 19%
4: 24%
5: 35%
6: 45%
7: 55%
8: 75%
9: 100%

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Updates to setting info, Adding PAS Level %
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Okay, editing my own post. Sondors got back to me with an IB for the module -- I've added the pdf to the post. First things first, it's not 100% accurate, as it only shows assist as factory set to 1-5 yet on mine I can reprogram it up or down to 9 or 3 levels, but you cannot reprogram percentage boost settings for each level. IB also indicates this module is bluetooth -- I DL'd the "BAFANG GO" app and it can't find anything to connect to, so I suspect this is a newer unit and some things have been left off -- too bad it looks like there are some cool features. 

That out of the way, there are a few features I was not aware of when I bought. It does have a walk assist mode -- I've been toggling the throttle which is a PITA. The pdf below is also incorrect on how to access it -- you press your assist level to below 0 and the walking bike icon appears -- now you can hold the "-" button and get walk assist. Frankly it's somewhat awkward to access and there's a longish delay, so I may keep using mini throttle taps -- they've worked okay so far, but again nowhere near ideal. 

There's also supposedly a "Boost" mode once you're cruising at over 25 KpH that auto throttles you to 100% power. You can read about it in the manual, I have not ridden since getting manual an hour ago. Since my bike has a lever throttle, I see zero reason for this, and suspect it may not be activated in this software build either.  

Oh, "AL" is for "Ambient Light" -- the display can auto adjust itself to background brightness and those steps are sensitivity levels.

Have fun,  


Rockstar LCD.pdf

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