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pedal vs. kickstand

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Either the Crank Arm, on that side, or Kickstand bracket is bent (in a fall over or crash?)
If it’s the kick stand bracket. Hold the bike upright, like your about to mount it. If you're from Texas or Arizona, that would be the left side, like I mount Sondors, my Longhorn  Steer, that I named after my favorite brand of eBikes. 
and with your right foot push the lower tip of the extended kickstand, toward the tire, a little at a time, until you have adequate clearance. Because of the 100# weight of my EBL, I have to adjust it frequently.  The bracket between the mount on the chainstay and the kickstand is mild steel and is designed to not break under stress or bending but otherwise allow you to adjust the "angle of the dangle"! 

If it’s the crank arm, it won’t bend back, because it’s heat treated aluminum and the initial bend is all you get, it will snap-break trying. You’ll have to replace it. Sondors.com sells replacments. 

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