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Bike racks

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High Steven,
There are posts here that recommend a few. For a while I modified my Rear Platform Carrier to carry two bikes but because I use that platform to carry camping gear,
I relegated to a single pretty inexpensive single, with a ramp, that’s handy with my near 100 pounds Electric Black Lightning. 
This Electric White Lightning is 40 pounds lighter.  
I followed these recommendation to buy and haul either of my two bikes, Wednesday it will be three. Mine is slightly different than FlaRob’s and allows the cross members bars that capture the wheels, to be moved to more accurately match the wheel base and wheel diameter. 

I’ve also heard that Harbor Freight has a good and inexpensive carrier. But after reviewing the online image, I don’t think it fits any Sondors because the image I saw was a top tube capture rack and those won’t work on a Sondors. 
Congratulations on getting your license back … I’ll drink to that … actually I already am, hic . As Mr. Roger Says; "time to go to the magic kingdom"!  




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I made a big mistake on my initial bike rack purchase and bought a steel dual motorcycle carrier. That rack weights around 100 pounds and by itself is about all my 2020 Hyundai Tuscon should have on the hitch.  So I bought one of the Harbor Freight single aluminum motorcycle racks.  While you can't use the pin to capture the rear wheel as the Sondors isn't long enough, it works very well with a few  tie down ratchet straps.   Spend the extra few dollars and pickup some soft straps too.  

Being the epitome of lazy, I don't like fiddling with the straps.  So I spent the big bucks and ordered a Mach2 rack a couple of months ago.  I expect it'll still be a several more months before it arrives.


The Harbor Freight works and including the straps is considerably less than 1/3 the cost. 

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Hey you got to let me know how that mach2 works out for you because I’m definitely thinking about going with that rack it looks like that’s the way to go Thanks for the info I like the way the Mach 2 looks I was hoping to find something cheaper and the harbor freight definitely looks like a good way to go.  I think I’m going to save my pennies and go for the better rack 

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