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Your post sounds like a request? This is an independently owned and operated forum by Sondors Owners.  This post should probably be directed to Sondors.com the manufacture. We don’t have anything to do with bike production or decision making for the company. The one reason that Sondors limits size options, to a one size fits all, is to keep manufacturing costs down and the Best Prices on their products in the industry.  
You don’t mention your personal dimensions or which model Sondors your considering. I’m 6’ with a slightly longer torso than leg length (32" inseam) than average and most of my non powered bikes in my Stable (11) are 56cm, except my two LiteSpeed Titanium’s, a Vortex & Ultimate, which I ride 57s. With carefully selection of seat post heights (I use a 400mm) and Stem length (130mm) my Electric Black & White Lightnings fit ideally for me.
The only problem I have, is it’s not comfortable to pedal out of the saddle for very long but there are few long hills here that will challenge that slight problem.  


I know we have members from just over 5’ to 6’-4” and if you’ll review the picture Gallery you can judge for yourself.


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