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Controller Upgrade

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I'm having my Sondors Fat upgraded to a 62.9v Tesla 2170 pack. Also an upgraded bms. I run a Bafang 750w hub and would like suggestions as to the controller. Does anyone have any input into these: Sabvoton, Base Runner, Phase Runner, or Grinfineon? Or any other suggestions. I want to be able to use these cells to their fullest potential. Thanks for the help.
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I have a 67.2V, BMW module for my Electric White Lightning and this 67.2V advanced charger.
Go to Electrobikeworld, that has 60V -80v, KT - LCD3s and 60V-80v, KT Controllers, Plug & Play. Ask them about those controllers you mentioned.
Not seen a single post about those high end controllers you’ve mentioned here, on  the forum. 
Best try the forum on, electricbike.com  ,because I’ve read more than one upgrades post, beyond KT products on 750Watt 8Fun Bafangs on that forum. 


I’m not happy about the weight of the Module, in it’s bombproof case or being this high above my CG.  I’ll probably move it under the rack, even though I’ll have to move the rack up some, also. 
I did that on my Electric White Lightning, to fit it’s, 2nd 52V pack underneath. One in the triangle box also. The hardest part of mounting them underneath is widening the rack. I also added that  light basswood platform which helps strength the rack. It also has 2 sets of seat stay brackets. One pr, that connects to the seatstay on that side of the rack and another pr that mounts to the opposite seatstay and I fabricated thick aluminum doublers for the cats liver, uh, I mean, cantilever brackets that Mount to the dropouts.  



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