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Rockstar accessories

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The kickstand was posted by  @billmeek and he’s compiling a good list of accessories and upgrades for his LX, yet to be delivered. 
If I’d been a snake i’da bit ya.

If this post, doesn’t bring him around, you can private message him, I’m sure he can help you. 



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I have a LX on order rather than the Rockstar.  To find the Rockstar kickstand only took a few minutes of searching on the Internet.  The lights I origionally bought to put on my (current) MXS turned out to be a bad purchase as the taillight wouldn't charge and the headlight literally fell apart from missing screws.  I'm betting it was a return and the seller was hoping the buyer was too lazy to return it or write a bad review.  It was returned for credit and I ordered a similar light set  with higher lumens from another Amazon seller:


So far I'm satisfied with the light and it should work fine on any Sondors bike.  For the MXS, I just broke down and spent the money on the Sondors kit with fenders/rack/bag.  And while at it, went ahead and ordered a spare battery for good measure to make sure I don't get stranded without power on long rides.

For Rockstar fenders, since they don't list them on the Sondors parts page, I'd probably call Sondors and ask what fenders they are using on the very first photo of the Rockstar at:


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I'm working throughout the night tonight and have some spare time between tasks.  So since my Google-Fu failed to turn up an option, I started perusing  threads using find on each page of posts (manually searching since the website search failed too) and found this Rockstar fender option:

SKS Beavertail Fenders: Product page: https://www.sks-germany.com/en/products/beavertail-set-2/


From the owner:


They were pretty much a straight bolt on however I needed to get them warmed up with a hair dryer for about 10 minutes to soften them up and then step on them to make them wider. The front fender needed a shim between the fork and the fender bracket to even it out with the tire.

If you search ebay, you'll find a few vendors.  Example:


The exact title of the product is "SKS BEAVERTAIL UNIVERSAL 26" AND 28" BLACK FENDER SET"

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Just to be perfectly clear, I don't have a Rockstar.  My current bike is an MXS and I have an LX on order for September delivery.  I simply did a lot of searching around for the Rockstar accessories and am providing it.

From the owner:


The rear rack is a tetra m-2. The rear bag is a Topeak mtx. It's designed to slide onto the rack and clicks into place. The rack mounts onto the rear swing arm with velcro fasteners that work extremely well. It needs to be mounted as far back as possible otherwise it will be too close to the seat.
I also recommend the Rocbros Kickstand
You can't beat it for the price of 20 bucks
It's barely big enough to fit on the massive lower frame but it does, just make sure to put as far back as possible.

In the second post of this thead, Reddy linked to another post of mine where I found a different kickstand on Amazon that someone else uses on his Rockstar.

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