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Bike rack for 2" Hitch recommendations for Sondors E-Bikes?

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I don't know of any carrier that will work while folded, but the (expensive) bike carrier I want most is:


They are however out of stock.

So for right now I'm using one of these:


I bought a steel double carrier that ended up being way too much weight for my Hundai Tuscon.  Remember  to check the weight of any carrier you buy and how much weight it can haul.  Many bicycle racks are rated for less than e-bikes weight.

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The Kuat NV2 is only rated for 60 pounds per bike.  My MXS is 65 pounds and the LX I have on order is 89.  I've decided to skip the 1up rack since I found this option:


From what I gather, it'll be a long wait time to get one though.  So I'll likely be using the Harbor Freight motorcycle carrier for a long  while.

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Thank you very much!

The NV 2.0/NV 2.0 Base is designed for a 1.5" hitch with an adapter for a 2" hitch. That has me a bit concerned it will be sturdy enough. My plan is to put my wife's Sondors EZ Step on the back of our Winnebago motorhome mounted on a 2" hitch receiver. Any thoughts?

Let me correct myself, I am referring to the Transfer V2.0 single bike rack

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I’ve carried 2 Sondors Fat bikes on my (I think you mean) ‘1-1/4" Receiver & Rack, behind my VW Jetta TDI for years. You’ll be fine. Now I’ve bought the most popular rack reviewed on our forum for the back of my Sportage, that has a loading ramp and fits a 2" receiver. 


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My wife and I both have e-bikes, her's is a fat tire 75 pound bike and mine's a Rockstar, so we needed a double heavy-duty rack. After a little homework we decided on  the Hollywood HR 1500 which lists capacity at 80 pounds per bike, but I suspect it will go another 10 or 20 beyond that as it's very robust and solid with our two on it. Loading the inside bike is a bit of a hassle, but not horrible. On the upside the bikes are very stable and don't wobble around at all when mounted due to the center post -- it's probably the only advantage over the 1-Up. (Note my wife's bike is a step-through, so she needed a crossbar adapter for this rack and the Hollywood HD works very well.)  So I'm happy with this rack overall.  

The 1-Up looks like a solid option for sure, but both our bikes have rear fenders that would likely interfere with the rear 1Up tire post, so I'd need to modify either the bike or the rack... So I think I'll be happy with what I have ;)  



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I have a folding version much like the Hollywood Fat tire rack (both wheel support bars fold up for compact storage).   I've hauled my Rockstar and my wife's Cruiser hundreds of miles with no issues whatsoever.  As you mention Jack, the inside bike is a bit of a hassle but I've found that it's much easier to remove the rear yolk and adapter, load the inside bike first and then place the adapter back on.  I thought I had a pic of both bikes but this is the only one I can find, on my way to a ride with the buds.


Bike Rack.jpg

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