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Generally, to help your description, you can record a video on a Selfie Stick with your phone, pointed closely at the Pedals, then the Motor, then the Rear Sprocket, as you ride. What is the frequency of the pop? Once every rotation of the pedals, more or less frequent? Has it been ridden on the beach, in the sand?  A popping, sounds likes the chain may have broke or half inserted pin. Can you explain how you eliminated the chain as a possibility? Have you checked  for free movement between every link?  Mid-Drives are hard on driveline components but a new LX  but shouldn’t be having a chain problem, Unless it was shipped with a defective chain or a problem occurred during manufacturing. We have heard of another mid-drive chain problem lately. Does it pop. while pedaling or not, using throttle only?
I’d next suspect a pedal, that was not tightened sufficiently, or threaded incorrectly but we will continue from there after you posted the video. 


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Contact Sondors.com by going to the support link and submitting a Request. We are an independently owned, support forum managed and operated by other owners. Does now seem to be the controller or other internals, inside the motor case. 

Let us know what the resolve is from Sondors, the Company.



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