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Just about to place an order for a fold xs . I chose it because of the compact size. I am 5’8” a good day and not as flexible as I used to be.   wondering if the seat height is too high to swing a leg over.  Any feedback would be greatly appreciated as I have Not been able to see or try one for fit.

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Somewhere there is a picture of the Sondors Fold & Sondors Original Fat together in comparison and they are not very different in height but I can’t remember where, in this forum, that picture is. Although I’m taller than you, I find it easier to step over (Bring your right leg’s knee up towards your chest and strep over the top tube), on mounting the Sondors Fat Bike, now after much modification, named the "Electric Black Lightning". But it’s still easier to swing my leg over the seat on dismounting (¿), for me. It’s stand over height is 30". 
The Fold’s stand over height (height of the Top Tube above the ground) is 28”. If you can lift your leg that high, to step over and unstep, something that high, it should work for you.  
When riding my EBL, when I come to a stop at a sign or lights, on a street with curbs, I navigate close enough to place my right foot on the curb so I don’t have to dismount the saddle and can stay seated. My left foot can stay on that pedal and I position the crank arm so it’s at about 2 or 3 o’clock, at the beginning of the power stroke, ready to accelerate for momentum to stay balanced when the light turns green.

Not something most new bike owners want to consider, but you can install tires with a little less height to lower the whole bike some.  Not recommending you modify a Fold this radically, but the visual of Buffy’s Custom Fold & Buffy may give you clues to if you’ll fit.   

Long ago, I used to raise Lab’s. I live on a lake and a litter of pups my female, Jill had, learned to swim before they could run. 
For more than 35 years now I’ve let Collies rule my life. 




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First and foremost all dogs are great aren’t  they.  Glad to see you’re a dog lover.  I can’t get enough of them. Labs and border Collie’s are High on the list.

Second, Wayback when, My dad worked for Blackstone Valley Electric  here in Rhode Island so I grew up with  Reddy  Killowatt.

Thanks for all the information and tips. Going to do some stand overs and seat mounting on  A regular bike  To be sure I will fit.

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