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Kickstand for Sondors Rockstar

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Any recommendations for a kickstand for the Rockstar Mid-Drive.  I have tried a few I saw on this forum but none will fit the chain stay as it is too thick.  Also, I cannot put a Ursus Jumbo Double Leg Kickstand as this is a mid-drive bike.  Appreciate any help/insights.

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Most mountain bike owners  don't want a stand that can snag when riding aggressively.  That's why you rarely see them preinstalled.

I can't make a personal recommendation, but I did some searching on the Internet and found this option:


In this review the owner has one on his Rockstar and includes pictures:


At that price I'd say it's worth a try.


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I plan to take mine next week to a shop that MIG/TIG welds and have them add a small aluminum plate that I can drill and tap threads and use one of the standard kickstands on an XS.  This way, I can remove it quickly if I take an aggressive ride or add it for an urban/paved trail ride.  Sondors should seriously consider adding Bosses for this during the frame fabrication so customers have that option

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That would be a fantastic addition for the RockStar but you’ll need to convey that to Sondors.com. That is not us and we are not monitored by the Company. We are independently owned and operated by other Sondors owners. 
Don’t forget to add updates and pictures, of your modification here in the forum and in the Gallery. 
Let us know if we can expect it on future RockStar editions. Sondors is legendary on continually upgrading the line of their models.


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It's going to be a while before I get to the kickstand.  After 19 miles on my bike , the mid-drive sounded like it was self destructing and Sondors Tech  Support requested I box the bike up and send it back to them for analysis and repair.  

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Until I get a permanent solution, this kickstand works fine on my Rockstar.  When I first mounted it, the kickstand wouldn't deploy quite enough (due to the angle of the frame clamp).  The weight of the bike pushed it forward, keeping it from standing.    I used a Dremmel tool to grind the hinge stop to get the kickstand to deploy another couple inches at the foot/pad.   



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