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Can I safely upgrade the controller on my Sondors X?

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So the LCD on my 2018 Sondors X recently broke and I got a replacement from a 2020 Sondors X (thanks again @Dogbreath¬†ūüėä).
As I was not sure if the controller on my older bike would be compatible with a newer LCD, I also purchased Dogbreaths controller, which has a slightly higher Max current and Rated current values than mine.

For now I have only swapped the LCD which works perfectly, but I was wondering:

1) Would I in some way benefit from the 2020 controller (I think it could affect max torque but I'm not sure)?

2) Is it safe to upgrade the controller? Could I damage my motor if I would do the upgrade?

My current controller values:

Rated voltage: 48V
Max current: 15A
Rated current: 7A
Low voltage protection: 40V
Throttle adjustment voltage: 1.2v-4.4v

2020 controller values:

Rated voltage: 48V
Max current: 20A
Rated current: 10A
Low voltage protection: 40V
Throttle adjustment voltage: 1.2v-4.4v

I have a 250W motor on my bike:
BF RMG06 48V250W(13)

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You actually have the same 350 Watt Bafang that is distributed around the rest of the world. Only the markings on the case have been changed to fit the EU limitations. Motor manufactures can rate their motors at any arbitrary value they wish. Motors are not like light bulbs which use the actual wattage of their rating. On my own 350 watt rated Bafang, in my Electric White Lightning (formerly a Sondors Narrow Custom)¬†is run with a 52V battery pack and Luna 25 Amp Hot Rod Controller¬†at over a 1,000 watts under full throttle ‚Ķ No Problem. ‚Äė
Using the 20Amp controller, on your bike, will result in slightly more torque, acceleration and maybe a Mile /Kilometer or Two per hour faster top speed. You will experience slightly less range by using the controller’s extra power/current. Judicial use of the slightly extra power will mitigate that small deficit.

The 20Amp controller will not damage your motor or bike in any way.


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Thanks for the comprehensive reply!

Years ago I found a Bafang motor spec sheet (sadly couldn't find it anymore and I'm not sure what the source was) which indicated that 250, 350, 500 and even 750 motors all had pretty much identical specifications so even back then I was thinking that maybe Bafang just prints whatever they want on the motor cover... Thanks for confirming this.

You seem to have a pretty massive chainring on your bike! What's the top speed of that beast?

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It’s the physical sized permanent magnets that comprise the main difference between the Bafang 8 Fun motors. The higher watt rated motors have larger permanent magnets.              My single speed, Electric White Lightning, with the 350 watt Bafang, 25 amp controller & 58T chairing,  has a top speed of 32mph on a fresh charge.     
My 7 speed Electric Black Lightning, with its 750 Watt Bafang, 35 amp controller & 56T chainring, has a top speed of 33 mph on a fresh charge … but it accelerates, almost twice as hard & fast. It’s also 20 pounds heavier than the White. 
‚ÄėBoth use 52V, triangle battery packs. ¬†Both motors are limited by the same controller limiting rpm.¬†
Total milage between the two is over 20,000 miles at which point I stopped recording mileage. 
Not Sondors specific but this illuminates the Labeling & Permeant  Magnet size comparison.  There is a discussion on the forum on how Rad eBikes fraudulently represent the Rad Rovers motor wattage. https://youtu.be/7K87AIiXFpY



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