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A Couple Fold XS Tips ...

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Now that Riding weather is here, I thought I'd mention a couple things. One is while Riding, Pay attention to Other riders, And vehicles you see more than once in the same ride ! I had a pickup dogging me on a side street waiting for me to park my bike ! Pretty sure they were waiting ! Another tip is If you want to Save space on your bar, Mount your USB port on the Bottom , in between the mounts on your Color display ! This leaves you a little more room for lights, bell ,etc. 😎👍 Stay Frosty out there !

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Do you have a good solution for a handlebar bell/horn and where to put it on the Fold XS? The prime real estate next to the thumbs is taken by the display control switch on the left and the throttle on the right. I really would like to put on some kind of bell or horn to use in those cases when it would be nice to give other riders, walkers, or joggers a little heads up.  It would be nice not to have to lift the hand from the brake to do it. There are so many options out there, I'm just hoping that someone has tackled this problem and found a solution that they like.

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Get a handlebar extender.I have one for my fold XS and moved the LCD screen to it.It left plenty of room for my side mirrors,horn/alarm,headlights and more.I still have plenty of room for cellphone holder.Mine is completely tricked out with brake lights,turn signals and 6 safety lights.I also put on new aluminum pedals matching the torch red paint.Lastly I ordered the rear rack,bag and fender package which increases storage.Oh and of course a Bluetooth speaker holder for tunes on the fly.You can get the handlebar extender on Amazon in the 10 or 12” wide option.I got the 12”.It was only $12 and we’ll worth it.Hope this helps and happy riding.

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