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Intermittent chirping from front wheel

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I have a brand new mxs. Working perfectly except for an intermittent sounds like birds chirping coming from the front tire. Thought it might be the brakes out of adjustment but that's not the issue. I removed the brake caliper and spun the tire around and the chirping still comes and goes. Not sure what to do to remedy.

Any tips? Is this common?


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Not Common on a trued wheel.  Check the front hub adjustment. Try slightly loosening the inside nuts on the hub. If you have Park Tool’s (very thin) cone wrenches it could be accomplished without completely removing the wheel from the dropouts by loosening the outside hub nuts first. 
Since that’s the only hardware with rotational parts, moving against each other. 
Sondors wheels use sealed bearings, it’s unlikely, but not impossible, they didn’t receive initial lubrication during bearing manufacturing. But  noise indicates binding. 
Check all spoke tension for consistency by feel or they all should sound similar when plunked. Not sure if a very loose spoke could cause your chirp.



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  • Reddy Kilowatt changed the title to Intermittent chirping from front wheel

For anyone else reading these posts, WD40 is for the most part a solvent & rust preventive, not a lubricant. The noise was from the  hub nut(s) being too tight, binding. Do not use WD40 on the Front Hub, especially near the hub bearings as that can penetrate thru the bearing seals and contaminate the bearings grease lubricant.  Do not use it near the disc brake disc or caliper, which will contaminate the disc and be transferred to the brake pads (I cover my Magura MT5e’s disc brakes, with gal zip lock bags even when I wash my bikes to prevent contamination from the bike wash components).   The Disc can be cleaned, which depending on the contamination might require burning it off with a torch  … pads cannot be cleaned and need to be replaced. In the case above, by removing the axel, it probably didn’t contaminate any other components but as stated in a preciously reply, the inside axel nut being too tight was the culprit and removing and reinstalling the axel itself, correct the overtightened nut(s). 
Do not use WD40 on your Sondors’ chain. It will clean it but leave it without lubrication to wear faster. Only use a Chain Lube & Preferably not oil that will attract dirt & grit.  



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I’m not glad you had to experience the problem but … I’m sure anyone with the same symptom will benefit and you’ve added to this huge catalog of problems and resolutions.
Thanks for being a member and adding to the best repertoire of Sondors Information on the "world wide interweb". The members here are more informed than Storm, Sondors’ Founder. 

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