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Battery and controller are powered up, but won't go

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Hi Vin, I'm Having the Same issue it seems, with my New SONDORS Fold XS, Display powers up, Reads fine when I turn the cranks by hand, No error Codes, but Hub motor Doesn't spin ? What Did you Do with your Brake cutoff ?? Any ideas ?? I  I Have a Suppo

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    • By Albert Werth
      MXS Battery life is  Excellent!
      With a little more than 700 miles on my MXS I have found the battery life to be exceptional. If you go back to some of my original posts, you will see that I have been using the SONDORS electric bikes to rehabilitate a bone on bone knee.  my last ride is a great example of the range that I am experiencing with the MXS.
      This ride was just over 22 miles and 1 hr 12 minutes, Yes Florida is flat.
      SONDORS readout on the left, Wahoo  readout on the right, you can see they’re both relatively close with ride data.
      As you can see this was an excellent cardio workout, but the most amazing part of this ride was the battery life. You can see the indicator on the face of the SONDORS readout,  still shows full power. The MXS has been an excellent bike and I highly recommend it. Thank you, SONDORS!
    • By Albert Werth
      MXS Started Making noise during today’s Ride.
      Post 300 Miles my MXS Bottom Bracket started making a Creaking and Snapping Noise on the Power Stroke. Noise from right side started first, then a few minutes later the Left side became equally as loud. The noise does not occur when Spinning, but only under load, regardless of 1-5 Assist or Zero Assistant settings. 
      Any ideas?
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