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Sondors Mxs controller replacement

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I have had my mxs for just over a year and I burned out the controller so I bought the same one from sondors and replaced it. The problem now is it doesn’t read the mph or track miles and you also can’t go into the advanced settings to turn up the power. The lcd screen also doesn’t show the batter level. It seems like everything connecting the lcd screen to the controller to the motor isn’t working but the bike still runs. It anyone has any insight I would appreciate it.

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That’s a typical anomaly for a Sondors Proprietary Communication Protocol hardware mismatch. I’d suggest your lcd and controller don’t use the same one.  You’ll have to contact Sondors.com to sort it out. 
The best solution is to return your Sondors Controller and buy an After Market Controller and LCD, your choice, from Electrobikeworld and never have to deal with Sondors proprietary ever again. 


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