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Smartstep Battery Question

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Can anyone give me some experience reading the battery  indicator on my new Smartstep bike.  What I noitice is that the indicator shows one thing while I am riding and then when I get back home and turn the bike off and back on - it shows a much different reading.  Which one is correct?  The one as I end the ride or the one after I cycle it off and on?



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Could be voltage sag while your riding and using power. How does your home indication compare, with your riding indication but coasting?  Drawing current from the battery while riding (pedaling / using throttle) will cause the reading to be lower than when it’s static. Lower voltage (36V) batteries’  range differences, will be greater than higher voltage batteries with high Watt Hour Capacities (comparing apples to watermelons). Battery reserve will change as the individual cells balance the pack, while it’s being charged or after it’s been used during a ride. That’s a function of the batteries & chargers BMS, battery management system.
The Battery Reserve Indicators are dependent on the settings (algorithm), programmed with the LCD. Voltage is the only accurate measure of usage and reserve. 
Review the manual for your LCD in the forums instructions pages. 
I’ll add, on my own Electric Black Lightning’s battery reserve, at some point below 50%¿, my KT-LCD3’s Battery Capacity Indicator (bar graph), starts removing bars from the full graph. But it depends; if I’m pedaling hard up a hill and in a higher PAS setting (using lots of current), missing bars increase. But missing bars on the display will be replaced  by switching back to PAS 1, and less pedaling effort (reduced current demand) and the controller will re-evaluate reserve based on the now lower current demand. I don’t use the graph as a reliable, precise indicator of battery reserve but it’s in my LCD’s Home Screen # 1. I have to toggle to screen #3 to view actual voltage, which I can while coasting, but seldom do I need to. My regular routes are so routine that the second thing I do preride is plug in the battery and check actual voltage as part of a preride checklist.  On a full battery I can ride all of my regular routes with plenty of reserve so I don’t constantly monitor the Battery. 

You should read this to get you started on Li ion batteries.




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