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My son has a Sondors X that is kept inside and extremely well taken care of. Today he came home a d said it was not working. These are the issues

1. power on and the bike will start to engage without advancing throttle

2. Will intermittently get to proper level speeds and then throttle back down.

3. LCD display screen seems to be intermittent as well.

could someone please advise in anyway possible to help us resolve the issues? Thank you so very much.

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First, if the LCD has had any parameters changed, reset the LCD. 
Water is a constant issue. 
Try unplugging all electrical cables and replugging them carefully, to align the pins, while checking for water or corrosion, especially the large Higo Connector under the right chainstay, don’t twist them but ease them straight apart. 
If symptoms persist, contact support at the Sondors.com webs site. Most common diagnosis with those symptoms has been a failing controller. 


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