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Searching for a Unicorn - Bike rack for 2 Sondors eBikes

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We have a MXS and a Smart Step and are looking for a rack to put behind the RV.    Finding. bike rack capable of holding 2 bikes 65 pounds each or 130 pounds total, that is also rating for behind an RV has been very challenging.  I've googled and found a small handful of ebike racks that are just below the ability to carry a sondors and if they can support the weight or close to it they explicitly say you can not use it with an RV, Motorhome, Trailer, or behind a flat towed vehicle.

 This was a topic of conversation at our RV club this past weekend where we now have 8 sondors bikes in the group, we all agreed sondors should get into the bike rack making business. :)

We appreciate any product you can point us to. 


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I looked at them for a second the idea of ratcheting straps wasn't that appealing but maybe thats what I need to look at.   I need to be able to load them myself without any help which is why the bike rack setups look so appealing. 2 to 4 straps per bike every morning to bring them down and every night to put them away.  Maybe I can find a quick load and lock system for motorcycles somewhere.

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