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Welding Sondors Aluminum Fat Tire Frame

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Hello, I'm looking for feedback on trying to repair an early Sondors XS Fat Tire aluminum frame. The crack I have found currently consumes about half of the total diameter of the frame, so it's not completely broken yet.....

It's on the right hand side, behind the crank.  All advice is welcome!!


Sondors XS-01.PNG

Sondors XS-02.PNG

Sondors XS-03.PNG

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 Call a local sheet metal fabrication or welding shop and ask if they can heliarc weld or GTAW, with alternating current (AC) and pure argon shielding gas. It’s now most often used to weld thinner gauges of aluminum (up to ¼ inch) and also for applications where aesthetics are most important. Alternating current (AC) is the most popular method of gas tungsten arc welding aluminum.

‘That frame member is the right chainstay.


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