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I’ve been riding my new mxs and love the bike , but have been trying to figure out the battery meter it has 5 green bars when fully charged   When I ride bike bars 5-4-3 seem to drop normal range but when it gets to two bars I can go couple miles and it drops to 1 bar flashing red. I’ve tried all different settings under the set voltage settings.  If anyone has a mxs that the battery meter bar goes to one bar green then starts flashing red could you please let me voltage settings 

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◆Battery Power Bar Settings
Set Voltage represents voltage settings. Each bar represents a voltage value. 5 bars voltage values must be entered one by one. For example, VOL 1 is first bar voltage value. The default value is 31.5V.
To set battery power bar, press the “+” or the “-” button to increase or decrease the number. To store a changed setting and access the second bar, press the “i” button.
By analogy, after 5 bars voltage values is entered, hold the “i” button to confirm and then return to the previous menu.

It’s imperative to understand the hi and low voltage limitations of the battery when changing the settings.  
Battery Settings Indicator Interface

http://www.key-display.com/Downloads/User Manual/KD718-K4 users manual-20180521.pdf

A note on this manual:

While this is the manufacturers manual for this display, it’s based on the standard stock firmware and protocol. SONDORS display has a custom configurations. There are some aspect of this display will not match with what’s stated in this document.



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I understand how to set each voltage level for each bar , but I’ve tried at least 10 different values for bars and it still will do the same thing it will drop first 3 bars in a normal distance riding in same power level on flat roads but when it gets to two bars you can ride about half the distance as the other bars then goes directly to flashing red it will never just drop second green bar down to one green

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The Flashing Red Indication is the same type of notification as the idiot lights on the dash of an automobile. It’s there as a warning that your battery is getting low.  The Sondors Factory set the perimeters.
As has been relayed here many times since 2015, because the battery level bar indicators on the various different displays are just a graphical representation based on an algorithm and not an exact indication of the battery’s actual voltage, we advise always use the actual battery voltage to judge reserve. 

Your controller will cut off voltage delivery, when the voltage drops to around 40.6V.
At 39V the battery pack is considered unrecoverable.

Setting the distance traveled between when bars change (idiot flashing begins) on your display is equivalent to the rate of discharge (more rapid at lower voltages, possibly twice as fast).  What you are trying to accomplish might not be possible, if you’ve adjusted voltage settings for the 1 & 2 bar entries and exhausted possibilities. 

Since neither of my Sondors use that display and I can’t personally edit to program that LCD, I can’t be more specific besides relay that even the KT-LCD3’s bar display is wholly inaccurate. I can relay that pedaling a hundred pound ebike several miles after battery cut out was reached, to get home, is a hell of a strategy to build leg strength.

 The factory setting on your display was set by the engineers at the Sondors’ factory, as the best option. 


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You would think that riding on a flat road at the same level of assistance from a complete charge to a dead battery there would be a way that each bar could be set for about the same miles traveled, this is like having a fuel gauge that works for half a tank of gas then the fuel light comes on and you have to guess if you can make it home

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