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Dimensions of stock controller and cavity

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It’s an involved process to disassemble the interior of a Fold. You can gain some info from this thread if you haven’t already used this forum as intended. It’s a repository of information and data with a search function.



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Thanks, I had searched for the dimensions etc, but couldn’t  find anything. Just looking for what space is available behind the controller to pop in device. From the pictures I’ve seen of the controller out of the tube, is there more to it than the 4 screws  holding it in?

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Yeah, the few who have upgraded, to more amperage controllers on the Fold, are few and neither of those members posted dimensions past the slightly less than 6" depth of the frame cavity and the other two dimensions are equal to that of the controllers,  on the frame interior in Mike Ritchie’s Post (if I’d been a snake… I’d have bit ya). https://sondorsforum.com/topic/3379-fold-x-controller-upgrade/?tab=comments#comment-7607

There also looks to be about an inch of space under the controller mounting bracket at the top of the controller. My old 15Amp controllers measure 4" and Biknuts conversion uses a 25Amp controller and my old 25 Amp controller is slightly under 5”. 
So I’d say without actually measuring the available space, that with some ingenuity there is likely 2" deep worth of space available in the frame cavity.   But lets see.  If r0 and x is real for negative x then lim b 1 x 2 = yeah, bout 2 inches. But if you’re just thinking of just pop’n out the controller and dropping in something, is dependent on your purchase. DUNNO! 
 I can’t say what’s involved in the removal of the Controller or Battery because I Ain’t Got No Fold (I prefer Full Sized Fats for both my Sondors because they are the only models that afford all the max performance upgrade possibilities, in the Sondors Lineup of Models.  More is something that most Sondors buyers consider after a few hundred miles (or less) of ownership. 




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