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LCD KD51C press + & i

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So, by accident I pressed  + and i at the same time on my Smart Step and got the attached screen. The small 5 goes from 1 through 6 and shows different numbers and seems to change the power bar in the main screen. Anyone tell me what I’m messing with?


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Thank Reddy for the reply! I read through this manual and did some research on the forum before I posted but couldn’t find anything that matched my display so I thought I would try my luck on this forum.

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I found this but the day is too busy for me to read all the associated posts. Undocumented Voltage Settings. 


"Okay, I found out what happen.  The undocumented command to access voltage settings is  "+" and "i"  . I think I hit both keys on accident because I was wearing gloves and reset voltage without knowing it.   I set it to 36 and 10 and have perfomance back.  Have more speed freewheeling to with Max Speed set to 45.   Originally freewheeling top speed was 20mph.  Now it is 25mph.   
 Does anyone know if here are commands to recalibrate the motor power?   My gage is not showing up on the LCD."


‘Okay, Grasshopper, try and snatch the chain link from my hand"! 

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