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  Hi...can anyone point me in right direction to upgrade my original Fold x 48 v to 750w...non-cassette. I have the KT LCD3 that came with the 25A controller when I upgraded it....I think LCD is compatible but I need a new 35a controller and 750w Bafang with large plug? Can anyone provide links so I get it right the first time? Looks like Bolton is out...Is there a motor swap that doesnt require the relace ect...?Thanks much,....

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With who’s LCD & Controller did you upgrade? If it’s from Sondors, it probably has embedded proprietary communication protocols that only allow it to communicate properly, with the Sondors Controller, not with any available aftermarket 35Amp.   You’ll. have to buy both if so. 

Check with Electrobikeworld.com for the proper upgrade 750Watt Bafang 8Fun motor (only cassette or freewheel 750watt  motors are manufactured) and 35Amp controller (won’t fit in Fold X frame) and any other associated parts you will need. You can always remain single speed if you desire, while still needing to install the necessary new single speed freewheel, as accomplished by Matt Robertson’s builds here on the forum. Review for the correct version, although that would be a mistake, not to upgrade to 7 speed. Communicate by phone or email with EBW before, BEFORE pushing the buy button, so you let the expert match up the parts you’ll need but that single speed freewheel won’t be from them and keep in mind that if their 750’s are the newer Cassette models, you might have a hard time finding a single speed cassette and have to rely on a single speed conversion kit designed for cassettes, popular with road bike Fixie conversions but that still allows freewheeling. 

Lastly, don’t expect a major increase in performance, besides a little more torque and acceleration. Top Speed will only increase slightly. If you want to increase top speed, you’ll need to upgrade Voltage by replacing your battery to 52V or 60V (both require rear rack mounting as will higher Amp controllers) and all the associated parts.  Remember, Voltage = Speed, Amperage = Torque. 
The 750 Watt motors will install in your existing 350 Watt case, that is also explained in upgrade threads on this forum.

My 2 Sondors Original’s have very similar top speed @ 32 & 33 mph on fully charged batteries.

The EWL is; 350W Bafang single speed, 25 amp Controller, 52V Battery & a 58T chainring (that won’t fit a Fold). 32 mph Top Speed for this lightweight fast handling Sondors Custom Narrow a 2 Gen model that is no longer available. 


The EBL is; 750W Bafang 7 Speed Cassette, 35 Amp Controller and 52V, with a 56T  chainring (won’t fit a Fold) and 33mph and gets there, a lot faster, than the EWL although it’s 30 pounds heavier than the white.


Doesn't sound like you’ve reviewed the Fold Upgrade Threads on this forum, with all of their valuable information. I’d suggest you spend some time looking for posts by BikNut and his wife’s, Buffy’s, Fold. I think it’s the most highly modified Fold in existence. 




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Thanks. Controller/LCD from Sierraebike. 25a.  Maybe throw in another 500w again..just dont want to burn through it again. Its plenty fast though. Thanks for all the info...if I go 500w I just need a Bafang 175mm and is the (6) or(7)  a factor or just a setting change? Nice bikes BTW!

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