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I received my MXS recently and noticed on the first few rides that the suspension fork indicator o-ring didn't move at all from the bottom. I found this video on how to adjust the suspension: https://vimeo.com/372548845 but when I released what I thought was a little bit of air, the fork collapsed. I pumped it back up to the recommended air pressure, but I'm still not getting any movement on the o-ring. Is there another step that I'm missing, or should I attempt to release some of the air again?


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Thanks Reddy, that’s the video I’ve been using. I went for a longer ride today and did get a little bit of travel on the o-ring, so I think the forks are working. I guess the video confused me because when I press down on the handle bars the forks don’t move at all like they do in the video. I’m new to the MXS, so I probably just need to tweak it some. Thanks again for your reply!

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The volume of air is tiny so any venting, any reduction of pressure has to be incrementally tiny. The Fork has two legs and only one holds air. So if you want to precisely control its function, buy a quality high pressure fork pump with a gauge, available from a Local Bike Shop or https://lunacycle.com/high-pressure-shock-pump/. Eric Luna has done exhausting research on eBike Suspension’s and this pump is high quality at a good price. 



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