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Should a gas generator be used to charge the battery

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I am considering the new Sondors Madmod scrambler for mountain forest road and mild trail riding.  I would take an additional battery for range, but for overnight trips I would need to recharge.  Would my gas generator be the optimum solution?

Thank you.

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As long as the generator has clean, stable current delivery, that’s a solution. We’ve had these types on discussions on the forum. Even dragging a generator in a trailer for continual charging although our KT controllers don’t allow charging and discharging our batteries simultaneously. Run one…Charge one.
 Solar panels on a trailer has been accomplished but not for serious power demands or replenishment. 

Review this thread. 

But to tell the truth, if you’re planning those types of off-grid excursions I’d suggest a motoped.
Generally speaking, eBikes are not very off grid compliant.  And if your absolutely sure you want an ebike to travel mountain roads, you’ll want a mid drive ebike not a hub motor version. They are not hill climbers, no matter what the marketing hype states. 



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