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    • By Nina Reyes
      Hi. My Sondors original fat’s pedal assist or thumb throttle does not work and the back tire does is locked when it tries to roll backwards.   The battery shows charge and the LCD screen comes. When I press the thumb throttle the Watts goes up on the screen but nothing happens. Help!! Thank you sooo much In advance. 

    • By Marco Lam
      I'm putting together my seven speed condors thin and it looks different from the assembly videos in that there is no lighted up grey part on the throttle with a button.  The throttle is just a black lever.  Is this right?
      I did order the LCD screen and am installing it now.
    • By Shocker
      Last week, I had a chance to ride my daughter's Fold X 7, as the ground still had quite a lot of unmelted snow.  It didn't ride as well on top of the snow as I had hoped, but it is much better than my other bikes for sure.
      Anyways, while plowing through the snow packs, I've found her throttle literally is like an on/off switch.  It was nearly impossible to modulate the motor assist level other than mostly on or off.  I've tried different PAS levels, but the behavior didn't change.  Is there an LCD user setting to change this?
    • By Dhooter
      I took a superman flight over the bars in a contact event with an auto. I'm OK but my throttle got jammed up as I went over. Now I need to try to re-wire the inner parts, shown in the photo. Can anybody supply a wiring diagram for this throttle, or a photo that shows what colors connect to where? I can solder so if I know where they go, I can get it fixed! (I have another throttle on order from Sierra Bike—thanks for that link in a different topic.) 

    • By Downbeat
      Thin w/ display takes off by itself!
      This has happened more than three times so far: I'm off the bike and holding the bars and it suddenly goes full throttle!
      The first time it happened I just assumed I accidentally hit the throttle, but when it happened again I realized it was doing it on its own. I'm getting used to always having my hand on the brake to cut the motor when it wheelies.
      Any ideas what to check? Throttle? Display?
      (stock Thin w/ Sondors display)
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