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Recently, I got a flat tire (rear). While changing out the tire, I unplugged the circular pin plug/jack thing where the wire attaches near the rear hub motor. Afterward, when I replugged it, I keep getting an error message. I tried turning the plug again and again to try all the different lineups but I just keep getting the error message. 

Can someone tell me the right way it's supposed to go, and if there is some kind of reset I need to do.

This is all for a Fold X.

And thank you.

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If it's anything like my non-fold XS, while the connector isn't exactly keyed, the pins within it are offset a bit so it will only connect one way.  I'm thinking you just haven't got it fully seated in the correct orientation.

You can see in the attached picture, the terminals aren't equally spaced from the center, they're offset a bit so it'll only connect one way.


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Wow, that’s a wacky connector.   I wonder why there’s so many pins.  Most of my brushless motor experience comes from Radio Control cars and drones   They’ve all had just the three wires going to the motor(s).  My Sondors is the same way.  Yours is just.....weird.

Anyway, it appears it can only connect one way.  I’m basing that on the larger pins at the top, left, and right side of the connector in your picture. 

Does the female end have three matching large sockets for these pins?

You said you turned the connector to try all 8 possible combinations, but it appears that’s not possible. This can only plug in one way.

Perhaps mark the center large pin (the one at 1 o’clock in your picture) on the outside of the male connector with a paint marker.  Do the same for the female end.  This way, you’ll at least know your cable is aligned properly.  Once done, line them up and jam them together.  The connectors should join a bit tighter in the correct orientation.  I’m guessing by 1/4 to 3/8 of an inch.  

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