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I may be one of the first french customer to have received the 750 Watts Fold XS Torch eBike at the beginning of October 2020.

Just think the design is great and the price is a bargain with the european safety kit included.

Anyone in France riding this Ebike ?




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It is a great bike Sadly the fold XS top speed is the same as the X model due to the configurations of the controller, I my self did not want to spend $600.00 extra for front suspension forks and a couple of other minor things that the xs has. Especially when you can install a 20 amp controller in the X and the take off speed is insane and climbing hills is so much easier. But enjoy the bike it is a good one😁

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In most cases I have seen and heard the XS on flat ground hit Around 41kph, that is the same speed as the X, The fold x comes with a 15 amp. Controller Which I really do not understand. So I'm switching it to a 20 amp controller replacing the LCD screen also as well as the thumb throttle because the new system runs a 6 pin Juliet connector not a 3 pin. The higher amps help the take off. top speed is the same if you want faster you have to up the Watts. In the u.s. no license insurance or anything else has to be down to ride these bicycles, after 30mph in the U.S. does it become a moped and you need just a standard drivers license.

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