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Fold X - Controller Upgrade

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On 10/5/2017 at 8:36 PM, Rob88 said:

Thanks for the great post and pics.  My only comment is about the fitment of a 25A controller.  I just finished installing one and it fits just fine.  It might burn out the motor . . . only time will tell.  But fitment is not an issue.

Hi, I am waiting delivery  of my Fold X 2018 model 5PAS ,7Speed, 500 watt motor. Bike shipped same day I ordered it. I also ordered an aftermarket LCD, 25A Controller, Thumb Throttle, LCD extension cable and Hydraulic Disk Brakes. 

How is your motor holding up with the 25A controller? You mentioned it may burn out the motor so that s why I am asking. 

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Hi Guys, thanks for the continous feedback. Love that.

The more I read the more i understand...but still a lot to find out.

I own a fold (european). battery 48v14ah, Bafang 250W, stock controller 15A.

I was preparing my upgrade of the controller but...I think in my case it does not has sense.

After 10 months of use my fold offers between 630 w (max batt load) and 510 W to the motor.

Tension of the battery between 52 and 44 V.

I have found that with this battery (14ah new ...12.5 ah now) the new controller would not change the Wh that arrives to the motor.

I'm I wrong ??? can someone help me if this correct to discard (or not) the upgrade.


thanks in advance

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16 hours ago, Kevin Wong said:

Keep it.  Best thing I’ve ever done to my fold — I’m getting 750-800w to the motor!!  Then again I have an US model...not sure if that makes a difference?

thanks. 25 or 20 A ?

and..what's the tension and amperaje of your battery ? that will answer and help me. thanks again

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New to carrying the sondors line of bikes and very happy to do so. this company has came a long way since 2015 and we have recognized that. We build custom electric bikes also and fix electric bikes.  I myself have purchased a Sondors fold X. The only disappointment I have found about the bike is they use a 15 amp controller instead of a 20 amp therefore I will be changing that out and 1 month. But a *Great company to be in business with.IMG_20201001_101718999.thumb.jpg.c1def414e84e9f0d4e8bd44eddda41e0.jpg

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