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Sondors Has Sold and Delivered 100,000 ebikes. It produces and sells the  most popular ebikes on the planet.  
‘Owners mostly come here in the beginning because they are excited about their pre-delivery Sondors and join the community. After reviewing posts here, they realize that it’s the best place to contact when they forgot to switch the battery on, when trying to power on their bike at the LCD switch on the handle bar.
The majority of our members here are new to eBikes and a good percentage to cycling in general. Most of the posts on problems are user induced. The most common issue is not following the correct battery charging procedure. The second is from not maintaining or having the basic understanding of how their bikes operate. ie, making sure the PAS sensor is correctly contacting the magnet wheel on the bottom bracket spindle. 
Personally I serve, as my own commitment to the community, to help. I’ve postered over 2,000 reply’s. I have two Sondors and have one of the first that was delivered in 2015. 
I’m rapidly closing in on 20,000 miles and although my lakeside home in an oak forest is 20mi RT from anything, including my only mailbox, my confidence is as such that I sold my Jetta TDI, 3 years ago to only ride my Sondors, now labeled the "Electric Black Lightning", as my daily driver. I can carry 50# bags of Border Collie Dog Food on the rear rack.  The range is farther than any of my regular commutes at speeds that are higher than what is legal.  If I want to visit the DFW metrostool, it is a short ride, on my other, Electric White Lightning, to take it on the commuter train services, for a whopping $3.00 multi rail system pass, for 24 hrs to go anywhere in the vast metroplex. I could never pull my Diesel, Penny Pinching, VW TDI out of my 1/8 miles driveway for that. 


Reliability has never been as issue with mine. image.thumb.jpeg.a5d08531f34ba1906d12de07bfca5b4f.jpeg



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