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Fold X throttle switch cuts out

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Received my Fold X last week. The throttle switch would not work until I pushed on the wire, pushing it back into the switch housing. Now it seems to work intermittently.

Can the throttle switch housing be opened to check for loose wires? What is a replacement switch for the Fold X. I am in Mexico so my options for getting parts from Sondors are limited.



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You mean the wires were pulled out of the Throttle? 
I can’t imagine why parts delivery would be problematic from Sondors to Mexico but if it were mine, I’d try and fix the wire inside the throttle. 

You should contact Sondors.com for warranty replacement. 



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Well, at least you have the basic info about the "E" in ebike now. That site is a constant reliable info resource.  *Oops, that statement is about this link. I’m getting my threads mixed up, (sorry) https://www.electricbike.com/ebike-battery-math-volts-amps-amp-hours-watt-hours/. *
 I have taken almost every thing I have owned apart since I was about 10. Most stuff I can get back together. ))     But although I replaced my throttle, on my Original Indigigo Sondors Fat, with that same manufactures throttle, I can’t say it’s easy to take apart... I just haven’t tried.  
That being said, the only original parts on my Original Fat, now, the "Electric Black Lightening", are the frame, fork, battery box and bottom bracket. 

You can buy the throttle cheaper @ https://pasionebike.aliexpress.com/store/1088910?spm=a2g0o.productlist.0.0.1dfe7b7bfbHpKo  In China but it takes about a month shipping with their free service to the US. No idea about Mexico.  (I miss my drives over the mountains from Oaxaca to Puerto Angel then up and down the coast. My favorite beach was Playa Estacahuite before it was discovered)

But you better communicate with the seller and order the exact replacement.

How many conductors in the Higo connector because there are at least two versions. They should know which is compatible with a newer (since 2019) Sondors Fold X.

‘But, your problem could be related to the Brake Cut-Out Switch in the levers. 



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I wonder if this my problem too. 
New fold XS last week. 40 OMSCO ridden then no power through throttle or walk button. 
folded and unfolded bike switched it on and off a couple of times after which it worked so I went for a ride. 2 mms later it stopped again ant I had to walk & pedal home. Very embarrassing. Display screen shows fully charged battery but no power display when throttle button pressed. The speedometer works!
Please advise. 

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