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Mario P

Re: XS MODEL/ Where can I get my 48V battery repaired?

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The battery reads it’s fully charged After plugging in but after taking it for a ride, it only goes about 50 feet (with some juice or power) and then it dies.   I was trying to avoid buying a new one.  I was hoping to get it repaired, if possible to save the cost of a new one.  

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Do you follow the correct charging procedure by connecting the charger to the battery before plugging it into the wall outlet and after doing that does the charger show a momentary green LED before turning red showing it’s charging? 
After a full charge and installing it on the bike what does the voltage read on the LCD?

When it quits what does the voltage read?

Is there any damage to the motor’s cable where it’s exits the motor axel? In the mean time make sure the large HiGo connectors under the right chainstay is plugged in correctly , all the way but do not rotate it because it needs to have the pins inside correctly aligned and none bent. 




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