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Charging a phone via the LCD - MXS 2020

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I put my 2020 MXS together yesterday. I hookup the usb cable which came with the bike. It is not charging my phone but it will charge a small tail light. Maybe it doesn’t have enough power output to charge my IPhone X?
Does anyone have any experience with this?

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Did your bike include a lightning connector cable or a USB micro B?

Micro Bs are the most common accessory  connector. Lightning is a proprietary computer bus and power connector created and designed by Apple.  Try using your Apple Phone cable plugged into the LCD’s, USB socket.






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I tested with an Apple lightning connector cable and a third party cable with different tips (usb c, lightning and micro usb) and they all worked with my computer or home usb slot.  The usb slot from the bike (see attached pic) does not power my phone 


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An iPhone X should charge with 5V @ as little as 5 watts (4.85V@ .95A) I believe. If you have a usb cable you can split the leads and a multi meter you should be able to measure the output of the LCD USB’s output. Although my LCD 3 has a USB port, I carry a 4 - 18650 Li ion battery bank in the top tube trunk on both my bikes to use as power for my lights and for emergency power to charge my iPhone 6S and 12.9 IPad Pro that I carry with me.



 I only use my LCD USB port to charge my Power Banks not my mobile devices. You might have a faulty LCD but contact Sondors.com and find out why it won’t charge your iPhone X.    https://sondors.com/support/ticket/



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