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That’s something every owner is capable of but if you’re unsure what to check, my first question is how often do you clean & lube your chain and who’s going to repair your flat tires?

‘Making sure all bolts, screws and nuts are tightened, should be done now but sooner would be ideal. Chain Tension should be checked and adjusted if necessary. Usually new chains wear in slightly and may need some initial review or adjustment.

Hydraulic brakes seldom need adjusting until pad replacement, if they’re setup correctly to begin with. The first issue that you might experience is brake squeal. If it’s just a matter of beding in the pads and not a miss adjusted caliper. You can mediate it by applying the brakes, to the offender, while pedaling under power for 100’ or so. If it persists, do it again, again. That heats up the disc and pads and forms a consistent contact track between the two. Never get anything like washing solutions, wax or Armor All, on your disc or pads or you’ll need to replace them.  When I wash my bikes I split a gal ziplock baggie and encase them. 
‘You can familiarize yourself with the nomenclature and parts by reviewing;


Finding a LBS (local bike shop) is the place to start your association for any and all maintenance issues you can’t. It’s the place to purchase all necessary cycling items to build a familiarity and strengthen that association. You should ask if you can review or assist, during those adjustments and maintenance  procedures. 



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