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Sondors fat tire bike, I was looking into the settings and as I passed by the password (C9) I must've set a code because now I can't access use of th3e bike and I can't get into settings to turn it on/off without the pass-code so I'm stuck.

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If you have the KT-LCD3 and a 1st gen Original,  you can copy the reset values from another KT-LCD3, but the problem is constructing the data transfer cable and finding another KT-LCD3 to copy.  Most just buy another Display. The Generic KT-LCD3 is pretty affordable but is only compatible with the 2015, first generation Sondors Original but since you didn’t identify which generation or version Sondors Fat Tire Bike you own I can’t be of more help.  On the upside, if you own another later version of Fat (and thank you for not call your bike a fatty). You can upgrade your controller to one that delivers more amperage that will allow more torque, better acceleration and a few more mph ..... and the generic or newer ver LCD (color) for about the same price as the Compatible LCD for your model, from Sondors.  
See: https://electrobikeworld.com





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