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Battery not charging — charger green light illuminated, doesn’t turn red to indicate charging Sondors Step

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Battery on 2019 Sondors Step will not charge. I plug the charger into it and charger light remains green (never turns red to indicate charging). I reset LCD to default just to make sure it want settings issue. Any ideas? I tried two different chargers as we ha e two of these bikes. When I remove battery and plug in to charger, 3 green dot lights turn on only when plugged in. 

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This did not work. Tried everything here and have the same issue. 2019 Sondors Smart Step. Battery indicator on LCD says 3 bars. Plug into charger and charger light stays green, battery does not seem to charge as after 6 hours charger light still green, and battery indicator is at 3 bars. Reset to default several times, still not fixed. Removed battery. Plugged into charger and pushed red power button--3 green lights lit up. Also, tried another charger with same symptoms--green light stayed on like battery isn't taking a charge.

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The key point here is, always plug charger in to battery, with the battery switch off, before plugging the charger into the wall outlet. 
‘if that’s the procedure you followed then you’ll need to measure the output voltage of your battery charger with your multimeter to verify it delivers current. 

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Does the battery power on anything?  You’ll have to determine where the fault lies within the battery. The fact that the batteries battery charge level led lights indicate "3", it’s important in a trouble shooting effort to verify all know information. How do you know that the battery is not fully charged but a lcd bulb could be dead on the level indicator,  burned out. 
Verify the Battery’s Out-Put Voltage with a multimeter.  It’s doubtful that the cell’s are ruined but it could be that the pack has dropped below its minimum voltage, to allow the Batteries BMS to let the chargers start delivering current and start charging. If that’s the case, you’ll need a new battery .... or, after checking the output voltage to verify if it’s below the low voltage cut off, you can look to YouTube videos about saving 18650 Li ion cells & packs but I don’t recommend it. Fire and explosions are a real danger.  Around 33.0 Volts is the low voltage cut off. 



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No, it is not Okay. Battery Switch Must Be in the Off Position. That’s because the initial surge of electrons flowing from the Charger to the Battery are at the chargers highest amperage, when you plug the charger to the wall outlet, and that shock, with the battery switch in the ON position could damage the batteries BMS, (battery management system), and it’s failure could cause the high voltage cut-off setting, in the BMS during charging, to not function and continue to over charge it and turn the battery, your bike and your home into a BURNING INFERNO! 

Screen Name; "Spinning Magnets", on Electrobikeworld.com , a leading expert in the eBike Universe, burnt down his garage from just such a occurrence.  


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