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I live in Manhattan NYC and I have to carry my Fold X up 2 flight of stairs. It’s really heavy. Are there any recommended affordable slings or bags I can get on Amazon or any sources to ease carrying the bike up stairs a few floors on a daily basis?

I feel that if I had a back pain one day I couldn’t carry it, I looked at many carrying bags but they don’t specify if they will carry thick tires and frames, and the carrying handles are so thin and cheap looking, it would dislocate your arm off your shoulder.
i feel a Fold X Sondors is like carrying a bunch of gold bars, the bag or carry slings must be heavy duty and made for this.

I would really appreciate some insight.
The Sondors Fold X is amazing, I just got it, but I feel it should be given an option for a carrying bag or tool to carry it up the stairs with ease.
That bike will be stolen in minutes if it stays out on the street even with the hardest lock.

it should have a tracking device or at least a place to hide one discreetly inside the frame






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Actually I got the hang of it.

To take the bike up the stairs:

Fold only the handle bar and pedals,

grab the frame where the seat pole is into with one hand and under the tank near the front wheel with the other hand, inclining the bike up like the stairway.

climb up with the bike against your hips and chest.

To get the bike downstairs is easy but needs subtlety.

lift the bike in a wheely position, front wheel up and roll it on the back wheel using the back brake to take it down one step at a time.

taking the battery off helps make it lighter to climb upstairs. 
i do it everyday sometimes twice and I became stronger just doing it.

i am 56 years old.

its doable !

i am so happy I chose the Fold X, it fits under my kitchen island and disappears every night.

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I, on occasion, need to carry my nearly 100 pound Electric Black Lightning (was Sondors Original before modifications). I use a wide Shoulder Strap to support the weight, reclaimed from some soft luggage, attacked to the fork yoke and the fender mount brace between the seat stays near the seat tube and control the Beast with my hands but support the weight on my shoulder and yes,  any more that a short climb and I’ll remove the 52V triangle battery before the effort. I would think that a similar use of a strap could work on the Folds’ Carry Handles underside of the bottom bracket shell and carried in either orientation upright or upside down. That’s why the handle is there. Try splitting a small foam handlebar grip or a piece of closed cell foam pipe insulation to cover the grippy part of the handle. 
I have tried using the throttle by blipping it up a few short steps and that kinda worked but the bike was near uncontrollable more than a few, but let us know about "walk mode". 


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