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Jon Amiel

XS 48v battery on the fritz

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Anyone have any answers for this problem? My power dropped out mid ride today. Battery was at least three quarters charged. When I ran various checks I found that the push-button activated power gauge on the battery would sometimes light up and sometimes not. When the indicator lights worked I'd briefly get power to the machine, then it would cut out again. The bike's 2 years old and has about 1600 miles on it.

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One thing I’d check first, is the large Higo connector under the right chainstay for positive connection. 
An intermittent power delivery problems associated with the battery level switch and LEDs (especially with a known level of battery power / charge) would raise suspicion about the battery level switch first but I’d suspect a bad / loose connection in the battery interior. Might be in the Battery’s, on & off power switch itself.  After making sure you have a completely full battery charge by recharging the battery and taking in to consideration the time it takes to recharge it, then double checking the voltage level with a multimeter. Opening up the battery, looking for an anomaly, like any wires that are loose or bad connections. 
‘A fully charged 48v battery should read around 53V. 



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