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NEW Cruiser and LX

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There is no Insider Information suggesting Sondors will discontinue previous models and I’d speculate, why would Storm do that ¿ and shoot himself in his foot, on products that are still the best value in eBike’n, that sell in the ten’s of thousands of ebikes and render himself unable and footless to ride one. 

That being said, several models or variants have seen an end of production.   The 2nd Generation, Kickstarter Campaign Fat was offered as the same configuration as the 1gen Fat Original, or with options; an Aluminum Frame, Basic Suspension Fork, Narrower Rims & 26 X 4.0” & tires, designated as the ”Custom”.  It’s no longer offered.
There was a limited production, Stainless Steel Fat Original. 
I’ve not seen the Sondors Original Offered for awhile and think it might have been replaced by the SondorsX. 



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Hello, Ordered an LX last October for the February delivery schedule, does any one have any up-date on the build and delivery schedule?  I did receive an up-date in February explaining the delay and sort of what to expect.  Also, received an offer of a $50.00 certificate but nothing since. I am very patient a willing to wait to get the perfect bike,  just wondered if anyone else had similar experience.

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Just to illuminate Sondors Deliveries from the very beginning. I was one of the first-day contributors to the Original Sondors Indigogo campaign and got one of the first Sondors delivered. There wasn’t a pandemic nor all the supply line or transit disruptions on February 2nd, 2015.  My bike was delivered on July 15th without any notification until it came from UPS a couple of days before delivery although Storm had released videos of the Sondors Assemble Line with bikes being built and a tractor trailer fully loaded with boxed completed bikes being shipped.  Back then Sondors didn’t have a track record, so a lot of contributors knew that Crowd Funding Campaigns don’t always succeed, so anxiety had some contributors tracking cargo ships, on ocean tracking websites, trying to possibly identify ships carrying Sondors bikes, mid Pacific, on route to California. 

Sondors.com is a small company delivering incredible productivity and at price points that changed the industry.  Critics of the early campaigns complained you couldn’t purchase the parts for the Original Sondors Fat, for what Sondors was asking.  Storm would rather deliver more value than spend a lot of $ on communications, which are now mostly Broadcast Communication Videos.
The only place to check on delivery news is on the Sondors.com website.  We are not Sondors the Company and are not privy to that info and even Sondors can’t track a shipments progress once it leaves China.
Reports and reviews, of at least a few mid drives are trickling in on the interweb. 





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Just got my cruiser delivered yesterday! Built it last night and had a quick cruise around the block. I, like reddy kilowatt above, was one of the first campaign supporters and remember that oh so well! One guy on the campaign stirring up fears that Storm was a fraud! The boxes on that semi trailer are empty etc.  Glad to say how wonderful this company has become. Haven’t had any issues with my original and this was my follow up.  Love the new mid-drive nice torque, assembly was quick and everything was packaged great. Very well wrapped!

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Just received my LX on Thursday....   I was worried about the weight since it is now listed as 89 lbs not as originally posted as  65 lbs....  a huge difference....  I was considering getting another  bike  that weighed less and selling the LX

I attempted to weigh it (using my home scale ) and here is my best guess....

Front wheel /tire   10.5 lbs

Rear wheel/tire  12 lbs

Frame w handlebars and seat  38 lbs

battery 12 lbs

Total approx 74 lbs 

I measured the tire and when inflated it measured  4.25 " wide (although they are listed as 4.9")




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Just heard from Sondors concerning my LX order. There is such a demand and a long backlog for Tektro hydraulic disc brakes my bike delivery is extended into July. It has been quite a wait  but I still look forward to delivery.  Getting an update helps ease the anticipation.

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