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Jürgen aus Dortmund

Magura MT5 Hydraulic Brake for the Sondors Fold

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It started with the fact that I was not satisfied with the standard Tekro disc brakes.

I didn't get the brakes properly adjusted. A grinding noise was often heard.

I then started looking for new, better brakes with switches. A switch is also integrated in the Tekros. This stops the engine when braking.
I don't really think if you really need it. Most e-bikes in Germany don't have a switch.

During my search I came across the Magura MT5e.
These are available with switches in 2 versions:
opener and closer

In the Sondors Fold, the switch works as a closer.

So I ordered the Magura MT5e (closer) with 180 mm Disk.
The Fold has 160 mm disks normally installed.
Then came the surprise.
The rear brake does not fit when using 180 mm brake discs.
The brake comes to the frame, there is not enough space.
The problem is gone if you use 203 mm brake discs.

The switches of the Magura MT5e are with 2 pol. HIGO connectors.
I found a company where you can buy these plugs individually for soldering.



IMG_3170 3.jpg

IMG_3138 2.jpg





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I don’t know if brake cutouts are required by law in Germany, I’ll ask Andi,  but since you’re limited to only 15.5 mph, with 250watt motors, that might be why all those German bike supplier, think they aren't necessary. Of course, your Sondors actually has a 350watt motor and is capable of more than twice that speed with simple aftermarket parts. Riding without cut outs is dangerous and ill advised. Of course, we’ve had ebike technologies as a contributor here, for a few years. Maybe that’s how you found them. 
If you would have reviewed this forum,  you could have easily found all the information on which, Magura MT5e’s to buy, without all your research elsewhere because a lot of members have have made the switch to Magura’s and other brands of hydraulic, without resorting to soldering Higo connectors. 
Not a clue about why you couldn’t adjust the Tektro’s, they are simple to adjust and keep adjusted after initial cable stretch. Pads are so inexpensive, that I used to just replace pads instead of adjusting for wear at intervals when I had them installed. I found them powerful enough to lock up both front and rear wheels, practicing panic stops on my Sondors Original Fat, even while carrying 50 pounds / 22.5 kilograms of Dog Food 

But that was years ago and now over 14,000 miles later, it a completely different Beast

The Electric Black Lightning.


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