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Clipless or Platform pedals?

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Hey there Sondors owners,

Anybody out there doing Clipless pedals? I'm modding my Aluminum Fatty with Clipless/platform combo Shimano pedals when it arrives. Am curious if anyone else is already using anything but platforms on their own Sondors.



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100% get them.  I threw on a set of clips I had from an old Trek Y-3, and it was awesome.  It convinced me to kick for Dual Sided pedals like this. Now, I can switch back and forth to whatever shoes I want.  On my commute, it greatly improves efficiency of peddling, and climbing power.  But if I just want a quick run around town, or a peddle with my kid, I'm good to go.

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That's what I was thinking. I have a decent pair of Specialized leather Clipless I picked up at a Savers that I can wear to work then toss in my teacher bag until it's time to head to my college classes. And with the 500 ft climb up and down my rides around town is like the extra help in my movements

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