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Sondors Thin - Not listed on Sondors' site 18-May-2020 (?)

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Does anyone know whether the fact that Thin is nowhere to be found on Sondors' web site is a temporary thing or does it mean it is discontinued or... ?

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All Sondors models are manufactured in production runs. That’s the economical procedures to insure they’re offered to Sondors customers at the cheapest price. Emails from Sondors to subscribers, typically warn when supplies are running out. I get an email from them everyday. The Thin is not discontinued but a very popular model. Surprising to me because it’s the least attractive if you intend to upgrade performance in the future. But I figure that’s not a priority or mindset of new owners.  Probably will be in their future though.


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Understood. Thank you for clarification.

By the way - why do you "say" that Thin is not attractive for future upgrades? It has this nice triangle box so one could use it to advantage.

There are many ebikes with in-frame mounted batteries and I wonder/worry how hard such a battery is to be found off-the-shelf in the future (not only Sondors bikes/batteries, but in general any ebike with in-frame battery). Any idea?


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I say that because that has been the experience here of my many years on this forum.  I’ve researched ebikes and built them, starting in 2013 and still spend a large part of everyday volunteering here, to answer questions for other owners and prospectives (I should be making face masks for hospital and first responder personal but I’m hoping you’ve got that covered) and scouring the Vast InterWeb for the latest and greatest on eBikes, while typing on thIs Giant iPad Pro like a IBM Selectric typewriter, with one finger... Now That! is a great example of a run on sentence. 
 The ultimate and usual performance upgrades on the Sondors Fat Bikes, usually referred to as the Original, Sondors X and the SX, can end up with 52V 20Ah batteries, 35amp Controllers and 750 watt motors. Almost the same for the Fold. 48V battery(i’m not sure of the capacity)  25amp Controller and 750 watt motor. If you’ve done you homework on ebikes, do you wonder why there is no Thin X or SX?
My two Upgraded Sondors; a Fat, now called the Electric Black Lightning, has 3 - 52V batteries with a total capacity of 51Ah, a Super 35 amp controller and 750watt motor.

My Sondors Custom Narrow, (the name Sondors gave them and now discontinued because he didn’t want the name or model, to interfere with the upcoming release of the new Thin) has a 52V 20Ah battery, 25amp controller and 350watt motor at present (the 750watt  motor is in a box) and now called the Electric White Lightning. Both bikes are capable of 33mph top speed but the Black gets there much quicker, even though it’s 35 pounds heavier. 

 With the Thin, you’re limited to the low capacity 36V 10.5 Ah battery (no other Sondors Battery is available) and the After Market 52V batteries WILL NOT FIT IN THE BATTERY BOX. The only way to use them is to remove the Sondors Battery Box, one of the  most attractive attributes of the Fat & Thin Sondors (and almost the only Sondors’ parts remaining  on my Fat and White) and use a nylon rip stop battery bag. And that’s exactly what member Chad Lauterbach had to do when he ordered a Luna 52V high capacity triangle battery for his Thin, upgraded commuter . According to his own measurements it should have fit but he just wasn’t accurate enough in his measuring. You can build your own lightweight Bass Wood Battery Box and I have plans around here somewhere for when I convert this Fat using all my removed Sondors equipment 


There is no Bafang Geared 8Fun motor upgrade in either 500Wwatt or 750watt that fits the Thin. Some other manufactured motor might, You Can Be The Test Pilot!  Which reminds me when my Father wouldn’t  let me buy a 40 Ford Coupe with a Chevy 265ci bored to 301ci, because "you’ll always gonna have trouble when you go swapping motors". He did instill, in my conscience at a very young age, though, the value of not driving close to the curb, where all the nails and glass collects and he always like the Sound of Smitty’s. ))

 So my estimation is that your better off buying a Fat, because it’s best attribute, is as an upgrade platform, and installing narrower, smaller tires after giving the Sondors Chaoyangs a test, you’ll end up with a superior street machine than any Thin. I do use a large rear tire. My latest is the Vee Tire Co. Apache 26 x 4.5 Slick. A Huge Slick with the lowest rolling resistance in eBiking, on a wider rim I built, than my original Sondors, but to improve handling, I use a smaller Vee Tire Mission Command II, 26 x 4.0 on a narrow rim I built. My EBL handles like a MotoGP bike. It has much quicker, sharper, controlled steering, than the motor boat handling when turning, the Giant, Original  Fat Front. Looks Cool but if you’re not riding on Snow or Dry Sand, it’s a performance deficit. Lots of ladies say, ”Cool Bike", other guys feel intimidated. But that’s not worth the handling negatives. Know what self steer is? 
I spent 40 years emulating Lance Leg Strong, riding with my shoes on fire on road bikes (and before Armstrong even rode his first bike) but now I ride like Valentino Rossi.  )) .


In the upcoming months my EWL will go 60V 35amp, (possibly 60amp) 750watt Motor. With its light weight alum frame and light wheel set I’m looking at a 40mph top speed to keep all the AssHats off my rear rack on the 2 miles of 40mph speed limit road, on my first and last legs on my routes from my Lake Side Cabin in an Oak Forest to and to home. 
    ‘That’s All I Got! 

     Over & Out

Smoke’m If Ya Got’em 


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