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Sondor factory Bag kit, falling Off

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I purchased the fender and bag kit for my wife’s, Fold XS. 
On my fist 3 days of riding the bike it has come unlatched and has fallen to the ground 2 times. The  1st time, I had gone off of a curb and it popped off right away.  I thought possibly I had not snapped the latch firmly. 
the 2nd time I know it was latched as well as it could be, this time I gently went off a curb   Being careful 1st because it was pouring rain, 2ndly because I did not want bag to fall and have to deal with it in the rain.  4 miles latter I hit a small bump and it fell into the Gutter which was about 6 inches deep. 
Has anyone else had the issue?

if so, how have you solved it?

PS: If anyone cares, the bag is not water tight,l, by the time I had turned around and picked it out of the gutter, my papers inside were wet. 


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I don’t know how that top trunk mounts and is secured but it shouldn’t be to difficult to manufacture or devise a way to make them more secure. I made brackets and screwed these hard cases to my Electric White Lightning. They have a rubber gasket around the closing perimeter to seal them.  Made to be water resistant, probably not quite water proof but I try not to get caught in the rain. Actually it’s kinda fun to ride in the rain but it takes 2 hours to clean the bikes properly. 
‘I don’t know of any, commonality available pannier of pack systems that are waterproof and even the ones, of large capacity designed for touring are available with rain covers that help keep the contents dry. 



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Hello I have a Step with the same setup and issue. Unfortunately my bag also unclipped I had no idea until I got home. I went back over the route twice to no avail. Looks like my bag and all contents are lost. I would recommend not trusting the bag to stay clipped in. Wish I had a better answer for you. 

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