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John Hughes

Cruise Control Option on KD51C?

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Brand new Sondors owner (Smart Step Pearl) and so far (day 2) am loving the bike.

I've read with interest some info on forum about changing the levels of power assist from default and look forward to trying that out.

I also read some info on "cruise control" but it seems that was on an older thread and apparently an older lcd. 

Has anyone found ability to turn "ON" the cruise control option on the KD51C lcd display? And if so, could you explain the steps needed to do so?

Thanks & happy pedaling,

John H


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The BEST info I can relate on those issues, because my bikes are equipped with aftermarket versions of the older KT-LCD3 and I’m not that familiar, is to direct you to the instruction thread for the newer, KD51C LCD.  




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